June 21, 2024


Largest City: Ipswich
County Seat: Ipswich
Population: 5,548
Founded: 1873
2010 Census: 4071 residents (Click Here to Complete 2010 Census Information)

Map of Edmunds County

Edmunds County, located in northeast South Dakota, is home to the towns of Bowdle, Hosmer, Ipswich, Mina, and Roscoe. The county was named after Newton Edmunds, the second Territorial Governor of South Dakota, who was appointed by President Lincoln in 1863. According to the South Dakota State Library, Ipswich was founded in 1883. Acting as the county seat, Ipswich is also known as the “Arch City”. Residents built a memorial arch shortly after World War I to welcome home the servicemen. The original arch was built with wood and overlooked Main Street, but was eventually placed over Highway 12. Ruined by a tornado, it was rebuilt with stones from all over the world and moved to the Ipswich Park. Ipswich was also the home of the first public school building in the county, built in 1886.

Bowdle was founded in 1886 and named after the townsite agent Alax M. Bowdle. Bowdle became a booming town in 1896 with the completion of the C.M. and St. Paul Railroad going through the town.

Roscoe was founded in July of 1883. It was named after a New York statesman named Roscoe Conlkin. The first child born in the city was also named Roscoe. In the 1890’s, several fires broke out that threatened to destroy the entire town. But this small town overcame challenges and continues to thrive.

Edmunds County is also known for its three Hutterite Colonies. They include: PlainView in Rosette Township, Deerfield in Belle Township, and Pembrook in Harmony Township. Hutterite’s have a big impact economically for South Dakota. They are leaders in turkey, hog, and soy bean production.

Auditor, Treasurer, Register of Deeds

Starting in Fall 2005 and all years since the County has had Christmas in the Courthouse. Trees decorated by individuals, organizations and business owners from across the county are set up on all four floors of the building.